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For the 2012 New Play Contest Finals

  • Mooney on Theatre‘s Preview Piece about the show is here
  • Canadian Theatre is in good hands with Panfish Productions’ New Play Contest –Mooney on Theatre (full review here)
For The Melville Boys
  • BroadwayWorld Toronto’s photo coverage
  • Loved it. – Mooney On Theatre  (Read the full review here)
  • Just got home from the show–really enjoyed it!! Definitely two thumbs up for this production… :-) – Casita Margarita
  • A great opening night performance of THE MELVILLE BOYS! So glad I went! –Rachel Spiar
  • The set was perfection, the acting was amazing, and the hilarious bits lightened up a play that could have been really heavy. Well done!! – Cynthia Gould
  • I saw Mellville Boys last night and loved it! The excellent cast had a gift for the funny, and a real connection in the serious parts. The direction kept the comedy and drama rolling, and the cottage set was spot on (I’m sure I’ve stayed there!). The whole night was a lovely work of theatre. My only regret is that I didn’t snag some cake… or cheezies. – Mandy Wells
  • A wonderful production that you MUST see. – Thomas Marchese
  • Loved the show, last night. Great job done by all. Well worth the $$. – David V.
  • This was an excellent show! The actors were absolutely superb in their roles and while the first half kept me laughing, the second half dealing with heavier content was much more emotional and intense. I was very impressed with the overall quality of this production and I would highly recommend! – Isabel
  • Awesome show! My face still hurts from laughing and trying not to cry! – Melissa Gaudet
  • The cast and crew did a great job! – Ian Payton
  • Uau! That was a great show! I got more than I bargained for. I got misty a few times. Very very good! – Emmanuel Ochoa

For 4-Play: 4 One Act Plays

  • Mooney on Theatre’s review