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For Offers of Home
  • Read Jon Kaplan’s review here
  • Challenging, disquieting, sophisticated – Mooney on Theatre (full review here)
  • awestruck by its sophistication and the talent on stage. – Design & Desire Blog (full review here)
  • I really enjoyed the mix of text, poetry & song and thought the level of acting was top-notch, especially for such a young group. Script & poetry interpretation was excellent. Staging was simple, yet creative & thoughtful – it felt like both an intimate view yet a larger space, if that makes sense. The narrator was able to connect with the audience (which could have been clunky). The stories were woven together well, though I would have edited down the largest “commune” scene and deleted the intermission in order to maintain the flow. I think the smoking could have been kept to a minimum due to the small space as I wasn’t the only person suffering, which was quite distracting as well as being uncomfortable. Overall, a really good piece of theatre which was thought-provoking and even challenging, which I certainly enjoyed. Stevie Joffe is a very talented and insightful writer! – MC Thompson, Radio Regent
  • a very thought-provoking and well-staged production – Philip Psutka
  • This was such a fantastic show. I decided to jump over to the backspace to watch it as I am doing two shows in the main space this week. I am so happy I did, you guys killed it out there. You are so talented and the story you told was just phenomenal. – Blake Cerisano
  • So I saw Stevie Joffe‘s first produced play “Offers of Home” last night at Theatre Passe Muraille backspace. I felt like I got to know something about a good friend of mine through their work, which is something cool that artists get to do…reveal our joys, frustrations, and perspective through the words we put on the page (and make others say, haha). I started to understand something about Stevie I didn’t get before. I’m really glad I know him.
    I was moved and amazed by the level of commitment to the story by the actors and direction, and super glad that Yehuda Fisher and co. took a chance on Stevie’s first play out of NTS.
    So go see it, if you’ve got time and a yearning for awesome new Canadian theatre. Nice references to Etobicoke in there too, hihi. – Sebastien Heins
  • Very hard-hitting play with so many great performers! Loved how the script alternated between extreme realism and almost mystical poetry. (Also brought back a lot of distant memories of life on the edges of a shared housing situation in Parkdale…) – Stephanie Lang
  • It was excellent!! – Andrew Harris
  • Your show made me cry – Caroline Weasley
  • This edgy energetic production is at times disarming, but it is a “must see”. Offers of Home raises questions and supplies no easy answers; -even the riddles leave us hanging. My perspective and experience as an audience member are old schooI yet I found myself engaged and unnerved; sometimes even uncomfortable. Tension builds, shit happens, – then suddenly there is humour.
    Direction by Stolte is careful and the play retains its spontaneity and energy. The actors work seemlessly and Sydney Kondruss as Alyx is a force to be reckoned with. “Brooke/Carol” (Dawn Sadler) is believable and complex in both her roles. The writer – Stephen Joffe- has taken risks with this piece and has blown us out of the park. This is his first professional “production”, though apparently he has been writing since he was a child. Watch out for this kid,- see the show and rethink your life a teeny bit. – EJ
  • Was so interesting and intense – Rachel Spiar
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