Offers of Home

Offers of Home Poster

Offers of Home is a theatrical exploration into North American ideals of home and self-security. It is also the unrelentingly personal story of a man struggling to keep himself alive; reaching out to an audience with tales of his family’s past, and striving desperately to make a connection.

Our protagonist Leo (a local vagrant) panhandles his audience with harrowing stories; each one following a group of people in Toronto who are trying to hold together their homes, their families, and indeed themselves. These stories evolve from Leo’s poetry, which is based on experiences relayed to him by siblings he has since lost. Letters, songs, bits of torn free-form; each fragment is a piece of the puzzle. Upon finding their narrative shape, Leo’s stories are brought to life by the schizoaffective shadows that shatter his memory.

Leo wants to prove something to us… that ‘home’ cannot hold a person together, no matter how hard we wish it could; that no matter how much we invest in the walls around us, they are doomed, eventually, to fall. However, when Leo’s delusion is broken; when a character from one of his stories becomes real and reaches out to him, Leo is forced to make a decision.

Is home a place, a community, an idea? If we leave it, can it be found again? When it all falls down, where do we go… if not back home?

Production Team

Yehuda Fisher – Artistic Producer; Karen Elizabeth – Production Manager; Stephen Joffe – Playwright; Lyf Stolte – Director; Brandon Gillespie – Assistant Director; Kate Burns – Stage Manager; Mark Lavell – Technical Director/Lighting Designer; Mila Prascevic – Assistant Producer; Brian Chmielewski –  Production Designer; Jackie McClelland – Props; Katerina Kuzheleva – Costume Design; Kelly Anderson – Sound Design; Nell Chitty – Graphic Designer


James Patrick Pettitt – Leo; Alexander Plouffe – Gregory / Casey; Dawn Sadler – Carol / Brooke; Jeffery Roel – Thistle / Mark; Katy Grabstas – Isabel; Sydney Kondruss – Alyx