New Play Contest 2012

Earlier this fall, Panfish put out a call for submissions for our first New Play Contest. We asked for new, full-length plays by Canadian playwrights and that each play submitted reflect our focus on current socio-political relevance. Each playwright was responsible for preparing their show for a one-night performance – either a staged reading or a ‘bare-bones’ production so they could give a sense of the show and where it can go.

We weeded through the submissions and chose our top three:

Unspoken, by Nina Kaye, Offers of Home, by Stephen Joffe, and Instead of Meals, by Adam Abbas

Unspoken (Nov 26th) is a thought provoking drama that explores the darker side of romantic relationships in a series of vignettes. A talented young cast of five will portray over 20 characters drawn from history and the present day. The language of the play is a rich mixture of poetry and vulgarity that is by turns beautiful and blasting, incorporating the poetry of WB Yeats to address the theme of sexual assault. This engaging and intense play is sure to start a conversation.

In Offers of Home (Nov 27th) a teacher struggles to find stability at home while contending with the ghosts of his past. An idealistic bohemian love-nest rots from the inside. A vagrant and a real-estate agent meet at a bus stop. Offers of Home is an exploration into North American ideals of Home and Self-Security. There are three short plays within the piece, titled “A Home of Bricks”, “Eggs”, and “The Turtle’s Shell”. Weaving through and acting as almost a Greek chorus, poetry and song guides the audience through these offers, until they form a sort of emotional essay or conversation. When it all comes down… where do we go, if we can’t go home?

In both Absurdist and Epic veins, Instead of Meals (Nov 28th) explores the futility of recycling and how it fosters social pretensions and aberrations. Mickey, the protagonist, starts recycling to gain respect and love from his neighbourhood and also from his destitute father, who worships Eco-friendliness.

We’re asking the audience to help us choose the winner in collaboration with the Panfish production team. We will work in collaboration with the playwright of the winning show, developing it into a larger and more elaborate production (with a full run) as part of Panfish’s 2013 season.

The Final Three runs Nov 26-28 at the Unit 102 Theatre, 376 Dufferin St. Each play will get one night and folks are encouraged to come to all three. Admission is PWYC ($5-10 Suggested).

Production Team:

Yehuda Fisher – Artistic Producer; Karen Elizabeth – Production Manager; Nell Chitty – Graphic Design & Advertising; Mila Prascevic – Front of House


Nina Kaye – Playwright/Director; Drea Burck – Performer; Claire Guastavino – Performer; Sean Killackey – Performer; Daniel Kim – Performer; Kristen Zaza – Performer

Offers of Home:

Stephen Joffe – Playwright/Performer; Justin Madol – Director; Jackie Rowland – Performer; Matthew Donovan – Performer; Katy Grabstas – Performer; Sebastien Heins – Performer; Zoe Cleland – Performer

Instead of Meals:

Adam Abbas – Playwright/Performer/Director; Michael Anthony – Performer; Candi Zell – Performer; Henry Martinuk – Performer; Cynthia Stone – Performer; Bill Rundle – Performer; Ray Jacildo – Performer; Jhanelle Porter – Performer; Cad Gold Jr. – Performer; Frank Chung – Performer; Ryan Quinn-Wallcraft – Performer; Gamada Ali – Performer; Assad Choudri – Performer; Stephen Hopkins – Performer