4-Play: 4 One-Act Plays

Production Team

Yehuda Fisher – Artistic Producer; Adam Bradley – Director Impromptu, Babel Rap;  Megan Watson – Director Welcome to the Moon, A Lonely Impulse of Delight; Genevieve Magtoto – Stage Manager; Suzette Kearns – Wardrobe, Assistant Stage Manager

Impromptu, by Tad Mosel:

Tina Sterling – Winnifred; John Flemming – Tony; Michael McLeister – Ernest; Amanda Strachan – Laura

Babel Rap, by Jon Lazarus:

Yehuda Fisher – Smoker; Amanda Strachan – Worker

A Lonely Impulse of Delight, by John Patrick Shanley:

Leonard Mario Zgrablić – Walter; Yehuda Fisher – Jim

Welcome to the Moon, by John Patrick Shanley:

John Fleming – Vinnie; Leonard Mario Zgrablić – Steve; Yehuda Fisher – Ronnie; Michael McLeister – Artie; Tina Sterling – Shirley