Our Mandate

Our Vision:

Panfish Productions is dedicated to producing the very best in sociopolitically relevant Canadian theatre. We believe in theatre that opens minds, starts discussions, and challenges assumptions about the world. We believe in theatre that speaks to what is happening right here, right now, in our own lives and the lives of those around us. We believe in theatre that builds, theatre that connects, and theatre that shares. We believe in theatre that sweeps you off your feet and raises you to new heights of passion, wonder, and excitement.

Our Mission:

Theatre that is relevant.

What moves us to laughter or to tears is not just a technically accomplished piece of art. The best theatre is that which speaks to what is happening right here, right now, in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. When we see reflections of ourselves in the characters on stage, we connect with them. We take them home with us. This is theatre’s power. By focusing on plays which have local, modern, meaningful themes, Panfish aims to create art that will touch hearts and change minds.

 Theatre that is Canadian.

Being Canadians, we see the potential and the value inherent in Canada’s unique cultural landscape. Canadian art is distinct from that of other countries. It embraces the many cultures that make up the Canadian landscape, and we embrace that difference and the opportunity it gives us. By producing shows that examine, define, criticize, and celebrate the place that we are from, we are able to connect with audiences on a more personal level, and we are able to speak to issues and realities that face our fellow Torontonians, Ontarians, and Canadians – and ourselves.

Theatre that speaks.

Art is about communication and collaboration: between artists, and between audiences. Panfish focuses on shows that have a precise, social and/or political point of view, because when you’re communicating, you need to have something worth saying. What defines great theatre is not a technically perfect play, but the message it conveys. We aim to create theatre that an audience will not only enjoy watching, but enjoy thinking and talking about afterwards.

Theatre that is forward-thinking.

We, as a company, are always aiming to get better. We work to learn new things, reach new heights, and and push our art to its limits and beyond. But growing our own skills and knowledge is only the beginning. We believe that for theatre to truly have an impact in the world, we must grow not only ourselves and our company, but our local artistic community, our audiences, and everyone else that our art touches. Reproducing that which has been done before does not move our art or our community forwards. By reaching out to and working with emerging artists, collaborating with other companies, and working across different mediums, we aim to make our art – and all art – something better.